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Chinese is the most commonly spoken language on the planet, with about 1.4 billion daily speakers. However, given that China is such a large country, local linguistic variants vary greatly from region to region. When people talk about ‘Chinese,’ they are usually referring to Mandarin, which is spoken by about a billion people, more or less the same number of people who speak English. However, Cantonese is also a very widespread language and is spoken by about 66 million people worldwide. Most of the speakers of both varieties are concentrated in China, but the language and its variants (such as the Chinese derivatives Min Nan and the Hokkien dialects) are also spoken in areas of Southeast Asia, in countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Quite different from Italian at a phonetic level, Mandarin is based on ideograms – symbols that represent a semantic unit. As for the written language, the most widespread systems are simplified Chinese, used in China and Singapore, and traditional Chinese, used in the rest of the world, although translation experts will know that the real picture is a lot more complicated than that, with significant variations from region to region and within the writing systems themselves.

That’s why Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese to Italian and Italian to Chinese translations are such delicate tasks that require a lot of attention. The same goes for translations to and from other languages, such as English to Chinese, French to Chinese, and vice-versa.

Translate and localise

Given the country’s size, Chinese translators are tasked with weighing up a very large number of possible linguistic variants. Despite the fact that Mandarin is spoken by about 70% of the population (including in Beijing and Shanghai), different variations of the official language can be found throughout the rest of the immense national territory. Numerous aspects of local culture also influence the language itself.

When it comes to going about professional Italian to Chinese translation services, mother-tongue professionals are a vital commodity. This is the only way to grasp the nuances of meaning and turn them into symbols. Furthermore, the translation task itself must go hand-in-hand with localisation, i.e. the adaptation of the language to the socio-cultural context of reference. At Eurotrad, we only choose the best professional mother-tongue translators for the job, assigning them to tasks on the basis of customer needs.

Business translations

It’s hardly surprising that the Chinese economy is growing significantly, given the plethora of products that can be found on the western market, such as smartphones, for example. For any company wanting to internationalise business, communication in English and Chinese is an essential requirement. It’s also worth noting that the sector of reference must be taken into account in order to respect the message’s integrity, with various industries requiring different approaches, such as the marketing field, for example, which has some very precise rules. An Italian to Mandarin Chinese translator working on an advertisement, for example, must focus on using the correct style without distorting the original communication’s intent.

Numerous customer-focused services

Chinese to Italian translation often requires additional services. That’s why we couple our collaboration with global professionals with an in-house editing team working on proofreading and layout services. We like to deliver a complete package that fully satisfies our customers’ needs and adapt our approach to personal style. Eurotrad has been operating as a Chinese translation agency for 20 years, thanks to our professional quality services and customer satisfaction.

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