Professional Italian to Hungarian and Hungarian to Italian translation

With origins dating back 3,000 years, Hungarian (or Magyar) is one of the oldest European languages around. In Central Europe, Hungary is a linguistic oddity, given that all the countries it borders speak Indo-European languages. However, Hungarian does actually use the Latin alphabet, just like Italian. About 14 million people speak Hungarian, most of whom live in Hungary, with a few additional communities concentrated in Romania and Slovakia.

When approaching a Hungarian to Italian translation, the various aspects that revolve around the language must be taken into consideration. In fact, an effective translation requires linguistic competence and an in-depth knowledge of the context in which the message will be conveyed. That’s why Hungarian mother-tongue professionals play a vital part in the task. With 20 years of experience under our belts, Eurotrad is well aware of this need and therefore only works with the very best Hungarian to Italian translators (and vice versa) in order to get optimal results.

Quality technology-assisted translation services

Relying on an online Hungarian to Italian machine translator can be very useful when you need to look up a word or a short sentence in another language. However, although these tools have improved a lot in recent years, they often offer inaccurate or incomplete results.

Although they will never be able to replace human translators, machines and software can still offer valid support during the translation phase. We’re not talking about simple in-browser machine translators, but rather, advanced software designed to achieve professional results. One example is the use of CAT Tools (or computer-aided translation tools), which are particularly useful when a number of translations need to be completed for the same customer. CAT Tools collect data and store it in a database with the aim of maintaining consistency across documents.

While not replacing the key role of mother-tongue translators, these tools can save time and guarantee linguistic and terminological consistency across translations. Eurotrad combines human intelligence with the artificial intelligence of cutting-edge software in order to guarantee you effective Hungarian language translation services.

Extras: proofreading and layout services

Professional translation services should always be coupled with a final proofreading check, carried out by a third-party professional. This step is vital in order to ensure that the grammar and syntax is correct in the target document. Our proofreading services are undertaken by Eurotrad’s in-house team of professional editors.
Our graphic designers work alongside the rest of our team to ensure your content is also visually effective. Well-laid-out text and powerful images can make translated content even more striking.

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