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traduzioni ceco italiano

Czech translation services

Eurotrad has been working with qualified and competent professionals for over 20 years, matching up the best Czech translators to customer needs. In addition to proven knowledge of the reference language, our translators are also specialised in a wide range of subject areas and sectors (e.g. tourism, fashion, economics, finance and medicine, etc.).
After listening to our customers and fully understanding their expectations and needs, our project managers are tasked with selecting the most suitable professional for the job. Eurotrad’s in-house employees act as a point of reference and contact, as well as overseeing the actual tasks themselves.

Professional Czech to Italian and Italian to Czech translation

Czech is spoken by about 13 million people worldwide and primarily in the Czech Republic. It has close historical ties to Slovak, and the two languages have a lot in common. The Slavic language uses the same Latin alphabet as Italian, which involves a much simpler and more intuitive translation approach than that required for languages that make use of the Cyrillic alphabet, such as Russian or Bulgarian.

Interestingly, Official (or Standard) Czech differs greatly from commonly spoken Czech, which is used by the overwhelming majority of the population. Standard Czech is used in writing, while everyday Czech is used in speech. The noteworthy differences between the two linguistic forms increase exponentially when it comes to local spoken dialects.

With regard to Czech to Italian translation, these linguistic differences must be taken into account when assessing the target audience. This sort of task should only be carried out by a Czech-speaking translator, who is able to use his or her linguistic knowledge to produce a truly effective translation.

Different topics, different languages

Our main objective when pursuing a translation task is preserving the source text’s original meaning. That’s why Eurotrad only uses mother-tongue professionals. However, preserving meaning doesn’t always suffice when it comes to highly specialised content, such as technical manuals, scientific essays and notarial deeds. In these situations, perfect knowledge of the target language must be coupled with a specific set of skills in the sector of reference. It’s only by employing these additional skills that we can guarantee excellent target translations, i.e. the use of specific terminology for the field of reference.

Translation – it’s what we do best!

Get in touch for a quote from our expert team. We can help solve even the trickiest translation and localisation conundrums.

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