Technical translations

EuroTrad translates technical material in all of the language combinations offered. The quality of our technical translations is guaranteed by the work of professionals who use methods thet involve the creation of technical glossaries and the use of terminology that is regularly checked and validated by our client. Every stage of the translation process is carefully monitored and this does not stop at delivery, since we continue to work with you during the checking and validation processes. Rest assured that we can meet your technical translation needs, from managing a single manual to translating an entire range of documents and products, in one or more language combinations. Technical manuals, instructions, catalogues, data sheets, warnings, and handouts, documents that can also be processed using the most common software and applications used for technical translation, including Adobe, FrameMaker, etc. We use native translation experts who specialise in specific areas, sector-specific glossaries and CAT software. We also rely on  technical consultants with expertise in the given field.

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Translations in the fields of Economy and Finance and statements of accounts

We translate company financial statements, business and financial reports, and articles, notes to financial statements, economic research, audit reports, and chamber of commerce certificates. We only use translators with a specialist background in this field and the editing carried out by an expert in this area guarantee a finished translation of quality. Efficient use of technical terms, our 20-year experience in business and the high level of accuracy we provide when it comes to preparing and drawing up translated materials make us expert, punctual and reliable.

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Medical, scientific and pharmaceutical translations

Medical, scientific and pharmaceutical translations need, as well as perfect expertise in both languages, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. These are texts that require the utmost precision and scientific rigour. We only use translators with consolidated experience and a high degree of specialisation in the sector to provide you with medical, veterinarian, dentistry and pharmaceuticals translations. Familiarity with the specialist terminology in this field is essential and we achieve this thanks to our important data base for the various medical and scientific sectors, as well as by working very closely with the client, and with continued consultation when it comes to choosing the right terminology. We regularly translate documents such as: medical reports and records, illustrative sheets for medicines, medical reports and articles, biochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical texts, medical equipment manuals, medical research, pharmaceuticals patents, websites, information brochures and marketing material.

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The translation of patents is both complex and delicate. As well as requiring specific expertise and technical knowledge, these texts need to be checked in fine detail. For international patents, the translation and correct transposition of the main concepts play an essential role. We regularly translate patent applications for inventions, brands or models, as well as patent disputes and all the associated documentation, such as descriptions, claims, research reports, etc. As well as the services of expert translators and editors who are familiar with the different areas of patent application, we also use specific glossaries, validated by the client, and translation memories to guarantee consistent terminology use. Given the extremely delicate nature of these documents, we guarantee the utmost confidentiality, and also demand this from the collaborators working on the translations.


Legal translation covers a host of different sectors, from standards to laws, contracts and certification, etc. These are multi-faceted documents that are both extremely specific and sector-orientated. We have consolidated experience in all types of legal text. We only assign these to expert translators in this field, who are familiar with the legal systems in both the source and target languages. We regularly work with legal firms and notaries, public bodies, businesses, professionals and also individuals who come to us for the translation of dealings, contracts, certificates, verdicts, notarial deeds, articles of association, statutes and business profiles. On request, we also swear and legalise translated documents so that they may have legal value outside Italy.

Building and architecture

Texts and documents for the building industry and architecture are highly technical and specific in nature. This is why translating documents in this sector requires a high level of professional expertise. We use translation memories and glossaries created especially for every project and thanks to our highly skilled and experienced team of translators we are able to offer translations of the highest quality in all areas related to building and architecture. We regularly translate documents for feasibility studies, plans and designs, building materials, paints, electrical installations, water and sanitary installations, doors and windows, etc. We are also able to work with Autocad files and deliver translations in the same format.


Today, more than ever, subjects linked to the environment, such as sustainability, renewable energy, recycling, and standards are incredibly widespread. These are areas of global importance and translations are essential for the relevant information to be disseminated correctly. We work with expert translators in this field on a vast variety of projects, including texts concerning renewable power sources, waste management, recycling, eco-sustainable building, agriculture, European standards and much, much more. As well as the utmost care and attention to the technical and linguistic aspects of every translation, we also work alongside engineers and other industry experts to make sure we provide a finished job of the highest standard, down to the smallest detail.

Fashion and luxury goods

It takes a highly specialised translator to work on documents for the fashion and luxury goods sector. If, on one hand, utmost care must be taken to use the correct technical terminology – it is equally essential to maintain an individual creative and appealing style where the language used is continuously evolving. For years we have been working with important names in the industry, translating catalogues, brochures, leaflets, e-commerce sites, display guidelines, newsletters, price lists and much, much more, providing this service only using only handpicked, expert translators.

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We have specific experience in translations for the cosmetics industry, working with leading companies in this field to provide translations in over 10 languages of product data sheets, catalogues, websites, packaging and labels. Given the vast number of categories in this field (from make-up to body care and personal hygiene, perfumes and beauty care, etc.), specific knowledge is required, as is the use of stylistically appropriate, dedicated terms. Translators specialised in this sector and glossaries specifically created for each client are the elements we rely on to guarantee carefully finished, top-quality results.

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Translations are a key element in the tourist trade. Indeed it is thanks to tourism that so many languages and cultures have been able to come into contact and mediate with one another. In this field, it is vital for translations to faithfully reflect the original texts, but they must also be adapted to suit the culture and customs of the target country and be easy to access for foreign users. We manage translations in a wide range of different areas in this field: culture, travel, events, sports, hotel presentations, food and wine, and much more. The usual style is informal and appealing, with a perfect mix of tourist and marketing terminology. This type of job requires native-speaking translators with expertise in this sector, an in-depth knowledge of the culture to which the text is targeted, and experience in the marketing techniques used to write the source text.  Many partners use our translation services for their websites, where the focus is on sourcing the perfect optimized key terms in the target language, but also for brochures, catalogues and leaflets, advertising materials, restaurant menus, tourist guides, audio guidebooks, and books on art. We also provide DTP services using Mac or Windows environments, together with foreign language voice-overs for audio guides and promotional videos.

Agrifood and food and wine

The increasing internationalization of the food and wine industry in Italy, together with growing, widespread, international interest in products Made in Italy have boosted the role of food and wine translations in our industry. The aim of these texts is not only to convey  an idea of the products themselves, but also to enhance their value and appeal. These texts are usually extremely elegant and elaborate, as well as full of specific terminology conveyed with an appealing, evocative style. Of course, it is crucial not to lose any of these aspects in the translated text. This is why we only use native-speaking translators with the right degree of expertise in this field, as well as a particular awareness of food and wine terminology. We regularly work with texts of different types, including menus, recipe books, information sheets, descriptions, specialist websites and also brochures and marketing material. Clients who choose us are above all wine growers, publishers, and businesses in the food industry.

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Over the last few years, the digital and computerisation fields (IT, telephony, tlc, design, automation, etc.), have undergone a continuous and progressive growth, taking the majority of the world’s economies with them. For us, translating any type of software in a timely, efficient manner has become a new and essential branch of our specialist areas of expertise. We face up to this challenge with a great deal of interest and a skill set boosted by regular training and courses to ensure we have the knowhow and expertise it takes to maintain a competitive edge.

Sector-specific and dedicated glossaries

Translation projects concerning the same sector or client need to be coherent when it comes to terminology. How do we make sure we achieve this? With multi-lingual glossaries and term bases that allow us to use all of the more recurrent terms, coherently and in line with the terminology of that particular sector. Multi-lingual glossaries are an essential support in translating documents of a certain size (financial statements, investment fund prospectuses, large technical/IT/accounts manuals) for investors, shareholders, entrepreneurs and managers. Every glossary we create is submitted to the client for approval. Regardless of the translators involved in the project, there will be a constant exchange of information to update our dedicated glossaries, tailored to individual companies for the most consistent terms and implementing the style and terminology preferences indicated by the client. We also enter these terms into the translation memories of our CAT tools.

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