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Bulgarian is the oldest Slavic language and is spoken by about 8 million people worldwide, most of whom are concentrated in Bulgaria. However, it’s also spoken in some neighbouring countries, such as Moldova, Romania, Greece, Turkey and Serbia, as well as in a few small communities in Israel, the USA and Canada.

Bulgarian is unique in that – unlike other Slavic languages, such as Russian or Slovenian – it doesn’t make use of an inflection system and has no cases. In fact, it is actually classified as an ‘analytic’ language, just like Italian.

Bulgarian and the Cyrillic alphabet

Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet. However, contrary to popular belief, Cyrillic –introduced by Saints Cyril and Methodius in 863 AD – was not the original writing system used in Bulgaria. In actual fact, it was the Glagolitic alphabet.

Some Cyrillic letters are identical to the Italian (or Latin) alphabet, but most differ in shape and sound. That’s why transliteration from Latin to Cyrillic or from Cyrillic to Latin is also necessary when translating a text from Italian to Bulgarian (or vice versa).

There are various transliteration systems out there, and each approach has a different set of rules, which is why it’s vital that mother-tongue translators are employed in order to guarantee high-quality output and to preserve the text’s original message.

What is Eurotrad’s approach?

Our translation agency has been working in the sector for over 20 years. We’ve always adopted a highly professional approach in order to meet customer needs, and in order to do so, we make sure we listen. In fact, whenever we are tasked with translating a document into Bulgarian, as well as into any other language, we make sure to fully understand the text’s purpose before starting the project, so that we can guarantee a truly effective service.

Once an initial assessment has been carried out, an in-house project manager is assigned to identify the most suitable Bulgarian to Italian mother-tongue translator for the job. This is a very delicate task and significantly affects the whole process. The professional assigned to the translation must, in fact, be competent in the relevant subject matter, as tackling the scientific and advertising sectors requires different approaches and styles.

Transcreation: effective translations from Italian to Bulgarian

Thanks to transcreation, our translators can preserve a text’s communicative power in other languages by tailoring the message to the target audience. We’re not just taking about the text’s meaning, but the various nuances and ideas that it evokes in readers.

Well-localised translations are essential to any sector, but particularly to advertising and marketing campaigns. When taking on an Italian to Bulgarian translation, or vice-versa, Eurotrad always makes sure that the communication’s original intent is 100% respected, maintaining an open dialogue with the customer in order to fully understand their needs and to deliver an impeccable translation.

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