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Negotiation interpreter: when he can help with business?

Negotiation interpreters perform the delicate task of mediation between two entities (e.g., two companies) interested in reaching a business agreement. You can read more about their duties and responsibilities below.

What is a negotiation interpreter?

A negotiation interpreter is a professional interpreter who specialises in a particular form of dialogue geared towards reaching an agreement.

International negotiations tend to require a specialised interpreter as they often involve companies or individuals working with customers or partners in other countries.

For this reason, negotiation interpreters are also experts in the culture and society of the parties interested in reaching an agreement. Generally speaking, gaffes, behaviour blunders, and poor time management are some of the main reasons why business or international negotiations tend to fail.

What does a negotiation interpreter do?

Negotiation interpreters provide simultaneous or consecutive translations of the words spoken by two parties, generally without taking notes.

Whichever type of translation is used, it is nearly always consecutive, meaning that the interpreter translates the words of each party after they have finished speaking.

Difficulties can arise when negotiation interpreters have to deal with very technical language.

What is the average salary?

The average salary of a negotiation interpreter depends on his/her level of experience and professional status. If you are a professional freelancer, you can earn up to 400 euros per day in Italy, whereas in-house interpreters with an average amount of experience can expect to earn around 1,300 euros/month.

When is negotiation interpretation required?

Negotiation interpretation is often required in the following cases:

  • when discussing commercial, political, or economic negotiations in order to conclude formal contracts or agreements;
  • when the negotiating parties do not speak the same language or don't speak it well enough to communicate.

When are negotiation interpreters needed in corporate settings?

Negotiation interpreters are essential employees at international companies, especially if negotiations frequently involve partners of a specific nationality. In this case, it is a good idea to hire a specialised negotiation interpreter for each 'language pair'.

Who should you rely on for negotiation interpretation?

Given the complexity and level of expertise required for negotiation interpreting, it is important to rely on professional interpreters specialised in this particular type of translation, especially considering the breadth and importance of the economic, commercial, and diplomatic interests at stake around international negotiating tables.

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