Hreflang tags: why are they essential for multilingual websites?

Hreflang tags are necessary attributes that improve the recognition of multilingual websites by search engines and facilitate their correct indexing. Learning when and how to implement hreflang tags correctly on multilingual websites is a key step towards reaching international users who might be interested in browsing your website in different…

Corporate e-learning platforms: benefits and services

E-learning is the final frontier of the training world. E-learning platforms are interactive, extremely user-friendly, and can be moulded to suit any topic. And that’s not all: they’re also revolutionising the business training world. What is e-learning? E-learning involves teaching individuals using video streaming and/or videoconferencing systems. E-learning helps trainers…
localizzazione aziendeServices

How to localise the enterprise?

A wide range of factors can influence where a company is based. For example, many companies choose their industrial location based on factors concerning production and business processes. These factors are in continuous evolution and make choosing a permanent industrial location a difficult and complex task. Over time, and with…
localizzazione siti webServices

How to localise the enterprise’s website?

There are several steps involved in website localisation. Each step ensures that a company’s website is accessible to foreign users, giving them the impression that it was written in their native language. For example, if a website has been localised successfully, a French user will get the impression that a…
traduzioni per hotelServices

High-quality translation services for the hotel: all tips

Do hotel translations have an impact on sales? There is only one right answer to this question: 100% yes. In fact, holiday homes and resorts thrive when they manage to attract international tourists and pitch themselves as important destinations to visit. It is therefore necessary to win over international customers…
tradurre libri per bambiniServices

Translations of children’s book: how does it work?

Translating children’s literature is a particularly difficult task for translators, who need to mediate between the source and target language, and between the language spoken by adults (which they will be used to) and children. Given these difficulties, what sets apart a good children’s literature translation from a poor one?…
traduzioni per ristorantiServices

High-quality translation services for restaurants: all tips

Restaurant translations should have all the characteristics of a good dish. They should be captivating, high in quality and not too complex. But where do you start, and why is it so important to produce quality menus, brochures and food industry translations? Restaurant menu translations: when dodging social media is…
Subtitles for people with hearing lossServices

How to translate subtitles for people with hearing loss

Subtitles for people with hearing loss differ greatly from those made for other groups of people. Deaf people and people with hearing loss have different needs when it comes to audiovisual content and these needs must be kept in mind when producing or translating subtitles for them. But what are…
Audiovisual translationServices

The best way to approach audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation is a sector within the translation industry. If we were to define audiovisual translation, we would call it a form of translation that ‘transmits’ multimedia content (i.e., film, television, theatre and advertising) from one culture to another. Multimedia content is complex and normally comprises images, sounds, and verbal…
Translation techniqueServices

Translation Techniques and Characteristics

Translation techniques are strategies that allow professional translators to tackle common problems encountered in literary or commercial texts. They are often used in combination to produce a flowing and understandable text that is high in quality and can coherently convey the message and atmosphere of the source text. Literal translation…
come impaginare un libroServices

How to layout a book: rules and best practices

Typesetting a book is a very intricate task requiring detailed technical knowledge, some of which has been passed down through generations since the first printing presses were invented back in the fifteenth century. But how do you typeset a novel? Or a poetry anthology? And what are the best fonts…

What is voice over?

By “voice over”, we essentially mean an audio track that narrates the images on screen. By definition, the person narrating a video does not usually appear on screen. We’ve been used to hearing voice overs on nature documentaries and in adverts for decades. What’s the difference between a voice over…
seo multilingueServices

What is multilingual SEO for website?

Website rankings rely on search engine optimisation (SEO), which is performed on individual pages of a website. But is multilingual SEO really necessary? 100%. And there are several reasons why. What’s the point in multilingual SEO? Any company looking to approach an international market needs to know what multilingual SEO…
seo copywritingServices

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting plays a very important role in how search engines decide to rank websites. In fact, the term is used to describe the act of writing content that is considered relevant by search engines (and helpful to users). Search engines use a variety of parameters to evaluate the relevance…
traduzioni farmaceuticheServices

How to go about pharmaceutical translations?

Pharmaceutical translation is a highly sensitive field and incorrect translations of medical and pharmaceutical texts can risk directly impacting people’s health. Translators working in the pharmaceutical field take on a considerable amount of responsibility towards consumers and patients, as well as towards the manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and machinery.…
localizzazione softwareServices

How to localize softwares correctly

Software localisation is a complex task but a very necessary one, especially if you’re looking to expand the market of the software you want to sell. But what does it really mean to localise software and why is it so important? Localising software doesn’t just mean translating it A software…
localizzazione significatoServices

Why it is important to localize texts and websites

Website localisation is a very powerful marketing tool that allows companies to connect with a huge number of potential customers living overseas. The meaning of localisation goes far beyond that of simple translation, as it often requires the complete reworking of a text from a cultural point of view. Since…
traduzione brevettiServices

How to translate patents

Patent translation is an extremely delicate task. The approval of an international patent can determine the financial success of an inventor, entrepreneur, or anyone who makes a living from their intellectual work. For a patent to be protected in other countries, a precise bureaucratic procedure must be followed. Once approved,…

How to become a proofreader?

A proofreader is a writer’s best friend. Proofreaders are tasked with finding and correcting typos and grammatical errors in a text. Do you really need to hire a proofreader before publishing a text? 100%, which is why proofreading is an extremely sought-after profession. What does proofreading actually involve? Proofreading is…
traduzioni cataloghiServices

What are the difficulties in translating catalogues

Catalogue translation is an extremely specialised field and is in great demand among companies operating in the international field. Catalogues allow brands to achieve a range of objectives, such as advertising products in detail and presenting an overall brand image and set of corporate values. They may seem somewhat perfunctory,…
voice overServices

The difficulties that come with recording voiceovers

The term “voiceover” is used to describe an off-screen voice in a film or TV series. Voiceovers often describe scenes with no dialogue, such as nature documentaries, for example, but they can also be used to describe or comment on a plot or storyline that has just unfolded or is…
scrivere una lettera formaleServices

Tips for Writing and Translating Formal Letters

Formal letters are required in some business situations and are written for a range of purposes.  To give some examples, you often write formal cover and motivation letters in English to attach to a CV for a vacancy or educational course, when you need to invite someone to an official…
once in grammiServices

How to translate recipes and cookbooks

How many ounces are there in 100 grams? This is a minor issue that most of us will have encountered when following an international recipe. The food and drink sector is an extremely specialised technical sector but it is rarely perceived as one. You might think you can improvise quantities,…
tradurre fumettiServices

How to translate comics and graphic novels

Translating comic books is no child’s play. Emerging comic book translators will know this all too well, and will often find themselves writing and rewriting translations featured in speech bubbles a hundred times before finding the perfect solution. So is translating comics any more difficult than translating books? The sectors…

How to transcribe text and audio

The term “transcription” is used to describe the act of transcribing an audio file recorded during an event or conversation. The Italian word for transcription (sbobinatura) derives from the reels of magnetic tape used to record audio before it was transcribed. This term has remained in use in Italy even…
interpretariato telefonicoServices

What You Need to Know About Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a form of remote interpreting that some might refer to as “remote” or “agile” in the current climate. It is a type of service that can solve many of the logistical problems that come with working as an interpreter. With telephone interpreting, you need less time to…
proprietà intellettualeServices

How to translate Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a right exercised by an author over a creation of the human intellect. You can claim the intellectual property rights of literary works and artworks as well as names and images, which are often used in the business world and can contribute significantly to building a brand.…
impaginazione progettiServices

How to layout graphic and design projects

Deciding on a layout for your project is as important as creating the actual content. Precise page layouts help to showcase individual elements, highlight certain strengths, and aid an understanding of the project’s overall meaning. When devising an architectural or design project, you need to make sure the text is…

Chuchotage: joys and sorrows of whispered interpreting

Chucotage is one of the oldest, most famous simultaneous interpreting techniques. The name of this technique literally means “whispering” and it involves absolutely no technical tools. How common is this type of interpreting nowadays, and how useful is it? All the pros of chuchotage Chuchotage is one of the cheapest…
Differenze tra editing e proofreadingServices

Editing and proofreading: differences and applications

The revision of a translated text undergoes various corrective phases carried out sequentially to fine-tune the end product on all levels. In general, there is always some confusion between editing, or “cross-checking” and proofreading: here we define them in detail and explain their specific uses. Editing: the correction of a…
layout bookServices

How to choose the right layout for a book

Designing the layout for a book is an extremely complex operation, as it must ensure satisfactory compliance with all the requirements of the text and, at the same time, make it possible to create an object that meets the buyer’s expectations, also aesthetically speaking. Choosing the right layout is therefore…
Content managerServices

What does a content manager do?

The role of a content manager is vital when it comes to managing a website. Whoever is assigned this role is responsible for planning, organising and allocating content to be written and subsequently published online. Once published, said content must be constantly updated and eventually archived. Once upon a time,…
linguaggio del webServices

What are web language characteristics

The web exists in parallel with our real lives and has developed its own language and code of conduct (or ‘netiquette’) over the years. Using the web every day does not necessarily mean that you’re familiar with all web language. In fact, it’s entirely possible for ‘normal’ Internet users to…
Traduzione dialettiServices

How are dialects translated?

Translating into or out of a dialect is no mean feat. Dialects tend to tell us a lot more about a country’s history, culture and society than its official language(s). Dialects are also able to express infinite shades of meaning, some of which are bound to get lost in translation.…
Traduzione e localizzazioneServices

What is ‘localisation’?

Localisation is used to adapt a translation so that it can effectively communicate with a different culture, so much so that it might even be confused with an original text. Of course, localisation is not only applied to written texts. All media requiring translation can, and often must, be localised,…
come tradurre sottotitoliServices

Things to look out for when translating subtitles

Subtitling is in very high demand at the moment, thanks primarily to the success of platforms such as Netflix. The content available on streaming sites reaches millions and millions of people around the world, all of whom speak dozens of different languages. A lot of this content is made available…
traduttore medicoServices

How to become a translator specialised in the medical field

Medical translation belongs to the broad field of technical translation and is one of the most difficult areas to get into. The main difficulties that come with medical translation are usually to do with the very high specificity of the terms used and the significant variation in terminology from one…
traduzione videogiochiServices

Everything you need to know about video game translation

Video game translation is quite a niche area of the profession, but that being said, it’s vital when looking to successfully market a game abroad. It would be absolutely unthinkable to release a video game that could only be played in one language, given that the international gaming community is…
Traduzione di guide e cartineServices

How to translate travel guides and maps

Over the last twenty years, Europe has opened its borders, adopted a single currency and grown its tourist information network exponentially. As such, requests for translations into various European languages have grown dramatically, as has the demand for tourist translations to and from non-European languages.
Working as interpreterServices

How to work as an interpreter

Working as an interpreter is a courageous choice. In reality, it’s an incredibly stimulating profession and often involves learning new things, meeting people from all walks of life and forging professional relationships with individuals, companies and institutions.
Translating and legalising documentsServices

How to translate foreign language documents

Translating and legalising documents are two of the most complex tasks a translator is likely to tackle. The reasons vary but often come down to complex technical jargon and the lengthy bureaucratic processes required to attribute legal value to a translated foreign document.