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How best to translate meeting minutes

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Efficient meetings are crucial to the success of any business. When it comes to meetings of international teams, language can become a difficult barrier to overcome. How can we ensure that all participants, regardless of their native language, are able to fully understand both what's discussed in a meeting and the decisions made? Simple. With the help of the meeting's minutes. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what meeting minutes are, how to write them correctly, and why it's important to translate them.

What are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes record and summarize what has been discussed during a meeting, the decisions made and the actions to be taken going forward. They are also sometimes called "protocols" or, simply, "minute notes". Meeting minutes are important for a number of reasons, in that they:

  • provide an official account of what happened during the meeting, which is helpful for those who were not able to attend;
  • provide a historical record of the decisions made and the tasks assigned, which facilitates follow-up and reporting;
  • constitute a legal document for the protection of all participants in the event of a dispute.

How to write meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are extremely important and should be drafted in a clear, concise and objective manner. Here are some useful tips.


Preparing for the meeting

  • Draft an agenda that will serve as an outline for the meeting.
  • Identify the key points to focus on during the meeting.
  • Appoint a secretary to take notes.

Conducting the meeting

  • Take accurate notes about what was discussed and the decisions made.
  • Record the names of the participants and their main contributions.
  • Pay attention to details, such as the start and end times of the meeting.

After the meeting

  • Draw up the minutes as soon after the meeting as possible while events are fresh in mind.
  • Review and revise the minutes carefully before distributing them.
  • Send the minutes to all meeting participants for approval.

How to translate meeting minutes

Accurate translations of meeting minutes are essential for effective communication and, above all, so that all members can engage in the meeting without language barriers. To accurately translate meeting minutes, pay close attention to:

  • Consistency of information: if your company operates in a multilingual environment, the translation of meeting minutes ensures that all team members have full access to the information discussed, regardless of the language spoken.
  • Global alignment: business decisions often involve teams operating in different parts of the world. Translating meeting minutes facilitates global alignment, allowing all members to fully understand the agreed strategies and actions.
  • Effective communication: accurate translation preserves the integrity of the original message, avoids misunderstanding, and ensures that the tone and meaning are clear in all the languages involved.
  • Compliance and documentation: when regulatory compliance is an issue, the translation of meeting minutes is often necessary to ensure decisions made during meetings are properly documented.

Relying on professional translation services to translate meeting minutes ensures a precise, thorough result in line with the needs of your business.

Giulia Pasquali

March 25, 2024

Giulia Pasquali

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