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english sayings EurotradCuriosities

English sayings and common phrases

English, in both its British and American variants, is full of sayings and catchphrases that can seem cryptic to non-native speakers. Sayings are often rooted in a country's culture and linguistics, and understanding them can open up a new window into the mindset and culture of its population. Sometimes, when…
Che lingua si parla in India EurotradCuriosities

What Language Do They Speak in India? The Most Spoken Languages

India, with its population exceeding one billion people, boasts a rich heritage of languages, dialects, and cultures. The linguistic composition becomes even more diverse when we consider the entire Indian subcontinent, encompassing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.Each nation within this subcontinent possesses its…
english sentences EurotradCuriosities

Beautiful, simple English sentences for daily use

English is an expressive and versatile language, capable of conveying a wide array of emotions and ideas in just a few words. A single sentence in English can hold power, evoke emotions, inspire, motivate, and provoke deep thoughts. This is exemplified by several short and sweet English sentences that have…
traduzioni divertenti EurotradCuriosities

The Most Hilarious and Absurd Translations in Spanish

Within the realm of translations, it is far more common than one would imagine to encounter unusual linguistic interpretations that lead to some very funny translations. This often occurs when translating film titles and TV series into Spanish. Particularly when it comes to English source material, there is no shortage…
What language is spoken in Germany - EurotradCuriosities

What language is spoken in Germany along with German?

The linguistic configuration of Germany is very complex, as the country has numerous regional languages with various sub-variants, but also a large number of foreign languages imported by large immigrant communities. What language is spoken in Germany? The most widely spoken (and official) language in Germany is German, the national…
Differenze tra cinese e giapponese EurotradCuriosities

What is the difference between Japanese and Chinese?

People often think that Chinese and Japanese have a lot in common. However, they are not as similar as you might think. Here are some of the differences and similarities between the two languages, plus some interesting facts to boot. What are the differences between Chinese and Japanese? The first…
francophone countriesCuriosities

What are the francophone countries in the world?

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. As a result, there are several French-speaking countries. Historically linked to France’s colonial expansion, these countries have made  French their own, resulting in numerous localised variants of the language. What does the word ‘Francophonie’ mean? The word ‘Francophonie’…
difference between german and austrianCuriosities

What is the difference between German and Austrian?

The difference between German and Austrian is primarily formal. Both are recognised as languages in their own right and have significant phonetic discrepancies. The languages spoken in Austria and Switzerland are based on German. Austrian, German, and Swiss have shared roots.This means that: Austrians and the Swiss can understand Germans…
arabic dialectsCuriosities

How many Arabic dialects and what varieties exist?

There is no such thing as a definitive Arabic language. Like many other languages, Arabic is very fragmented from a geographical perspective and has been spoken in several countries for a very long time. This means that it is now possible to identify different forms of Arabic, ranging from classical…
difference between catalan and spanishCuriosities

What is the difference between Catalan and Spanish?

The main differences between Spanish and Catalan are lexical. Still, these two languages have lots in common, so much so that they are often mixed up or considered dialects of each other. So, what is there to know about the historical, geographical, and cultural differences between these two languages? Spanish…
minoranze linguistiche italiaCuriosities

How many minority groups and languages are there in Italy?

Italy is home to people from all over the world; in some cases, migrants continue to speak their mother tongue. These people create minority languages, which Italy safeguards and protects. What does the term ‘minority language’ mean? The term ‘minority language’ generally refers to a group of people who speak…
una cartella quante battuteCuriosities

How to count the number of characters in a word document

A cartella is a unit often used in Italy’s publishing sector to measure the length of a text. Contrary to popular belief, a cartella does not contain a fixed number of words, which can sometimes be confusing. Here is everything you need to know about Italy’s famous “cartella” and its…
plurilinguismo e multilinguismoCuriosities

What does “multilingualism” mean?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a big difference between plurilingualism and multilingualism. These words describe the simultaneous use of several languages by one speaker or a group of speakers, but let’s take a closer look at their specific meanings. The definition of plurilingualism Plurilingualism refers to…
messaggio out of office ingleseCuriosities

Out of office messages in English: tips and examples

Out-of-office (OOO) messages are handy automated responses. They allow you to keep in touch with customers and provide them with information while you are away. In some situations, you might also need to translate your OOO messages. What are out-of-office messages? You might not know the official term, but you…
inglese canadese differenzeCuriosities

American English and Canadian: the differences

There are important differences between American English and Canadian English. Canadian English is much more similar to British English, whereas American English, both written and spoken, is further removed from that of the motherland. Find out how. American English: the features American English generally opts for simplified spelling. For instance,…

What is the difference between polysemy and homonymy?

The difference between polysemic and homonymous words is important, if very subtle in formal terms. Indeed, both refer to identical words that can have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. What are polysemic words? Polysemic words can be defined as words which, depending on the…
simplified chinese charactersCuriosities

Which are simplified Chinese characters?

Simplified Chinese characters have been used for several decades to write Chinese Mandarin. Originally designed to make the reading process quicker and easier, these days people can’t imagine life without them. What is "Simplified Chinese" The concept of Simplified Chinese has nothing to do with simplifying grammar or syntax. Whether…
auguri di buon natale in tutte le lingue del mondoCuriosities

How to say “Merry Christmas” around the world?

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. As such, there are hundreds of ways to express Christmas greetings in many different languages. Some of them are famous, while others are almost entirely unknown to Italian speakers! If you’d like to know how to say Merry Christmas in a different language…
lingue poco conosciuteCuriosities

Unknown languages: the 7 most rare languages

Rare languages are defined as languages with very few speakers. Rare languages tend to be most common in geographical areas that are isolated from the rest of the world. Rare languages are by no means dead languages (like Latin) but they are in danger of becoming extinct. In fact, rare…

World Translation Day: 30th September 2021

International Translation Day has been celebrated for thirty years and serves to emphasise the important role played by translators and interpreters throughout human history. Let’s find out why World Translation Day is celebrated on 30 September each year and what events are scheduled for 2021. Why is International Translation Day…
spanglish linguaCuriosities

Why and where Spanglish is spoken?

Spanglish is a linguistic phenomenon spoken by millions of people around the world. It is mainly found in the Southern United States, and over the years, it has come to acquire truly remarkable cultural significance. Spanglish: what it is and where it is spoken Spanglish is a hybrid language, resulting…

How the Internet was born: a brief overview

These days, the Internet plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We use Internet networks to send enormous quantities of data from one part of the world to another in the blink of an eye, and many modern activities rely on this exchange of information. The Internet has taken…
lavori con le lingueCuriosities

What jobs can You do with languages?

Lots of students want a career in languages, and the field offers several professional and personal opportunities. Whether you’re about to start your degree or have just graduated, you’re probably asking yourself: what job can I get with a language degree? Modern language job opportunities Knowledge of a foreign language…
traduzione commercialeCuriosities

How to learn business English: basic phrases and terms

Just like any other language, English has several sub-languages, each of which is used for a specific purpose. It’s no wonder that business English has gained considerable importance and linguistic autonomy, especially given that English has been the global language for business and finance for centuries. What do we mean…
giochi di parole in ingleseCuriosities

English puns and jokes: funny examples

The English language makes frequent use of puns, which are heavily relied on in literature and advertising. As such, it is no coincidence that English puns are some of the best known outside the United Kingdom, thanks in part to the widespread diffusion of English around the globe. That being…
differenze tra portoghese e spagnoloCuriosities

How different is Spanish from Portuguese?

The differences between Spanish and Portuguese may seem obvious to an untrained ear, but there are plenty of important phonetic, graphic and grammatical differences, too, even though both are romance languages with Latin roots. But where do these differences come from and why have similar languages spoken in two neighbouring…
Lingue per il futuroCuriosities

The best languages to study for business and translation

Studying a language at school or university is essential if you want to become a professional translator. It is important to carefully consider which language(s) you wish to study and to do your research. The reasons for choosing one language over another mainly come down to their frequency of use…

Creole and pidgin languages, and how they differ from one another

Creole and pidgin are mixtures of two different languages. This kind of fusion occurs when people speaking different languages come into contact for a short or long time, establishing trade, social and political relations. Unfortunately, these ‘service’ languages were once considered unworthy of linguistic studies, and academics often believed them…
lingua italiana nel mondoCuriosities

Where is italian spoken in the world?

Italian is a modern Romance language with close ties to Latin. Thanks to its origins and unique features, it is also one of the more difficult languages to study. Saying that, Italian is spoken by many people around the world, some of whom live far from the national borders. But…
lingue da studiare per il futuroCuriosities

Best languages to learn for the future

What are the best languages to study? This is a question that all language students, aspiring interpreters, and translators ask themselves at the beginning of their academic careers. Unfortunately, there is no right answer, as languages become more or less useful depending on the historical, political, and economic climate. The…
neve in eschimeseCuriosities

How many eskimo words there are for “snow”?

According to urban legend, the Inuit communities use several different words to describe the concept of snow. Some sources claim there are 21 different ways to say snow in the Inuit languages, while others believe the number is closer to 50 or 100. But who to believe? Here’s everything you…
libri italiani più tradotti al mondoCuriosities

The 5 italian books most translated into english

To measure the success of a book, and a novel, in particular, you need to calculate the number of copies sold in the author’s home country, the number of copies sold abroad, and the number of languages into which the book has been translated. The most translated Italian writers: from…
divulgazione scientificaCuriosities

How to facilitate scientific dissemination

We’re living in an age of major scientific and technological development, which has brought about profound and rapid changes to our society. Despite this development, in the past few years there has been an increase in the circulation of anti-science conspiracy theories, with anti-vax movements and flat earth theories receiving…
riunioni da remotoCuriosities

How to handle remote meetings

Virtual meetings have become a regular feature of working life during the Coronavirus pandemic. Working online has completely changed the way colleagues and participants in business meetings, conferences, and negotiations interact with each other. There are some basic rules for ensuring that online meetings run efficiently. These rules apply in…
Differenze tra inglese e americanoCuriosities

The difference between British and American English

Although American English originally developed from British English, over time it has evolved into its own language with unique characteristics. It’s also worth remembering that spoken languages are like living organisms and can often evolve and depart significantly from the original language. As such, American English has developed some phonetic…

Translation and innovation: the respeaking technique

Exactly like all other practical and theorical practices, translation is continuously evolving. With the technological progress made by humankind over the last few years, the translation techniques used have also changed drastically, to such an extent that today, one of the last frontiers of translation, known as respeaking, is closely…
remote interpreting Curiosities

Being translators in the time of Covid-19: remote interpreting

The year 2020 forced citizens and workers worldwide to drastically change their habits. Since face-to-face activities were severely limited to keep contagion from Coronavirus under control, many professions have had to grapple with the need to exploit and maximise the potentials offered by the digital sphere. The interpreter’s job in…

What is linguistic ecology and its characteristics

Ecolinguistics is a recent branch of linguistics. Developed in the 1990s, it attempts to establish a link between the language used by a community and the (natural and cultural) ecosystem within which said community lives and thrives. The various aspects of ecolinguistics differ greatly from one another, but all possess…
Bilinguismo infantileCuriosities

Pros and Cons of bilingualism in kids

Is bilingualism in children a hot topic at the moment? Oh absolutely, but it’s by no means a new concept in the history of the world, Italy included. Up until a few decades ago, almost all Italian citizens were bilingual. In fact, Italian was an ‘extra’ language taught at school…
Lingua meno parlata al mondoCuriosities

What is the least spoken language in the world?

The rarest language in the world is only spoken by five people. You might consider this a tragedy, but linguistic experts are all too aware that there is absolutely nothing exceptional about the death of a language. In fact, languages and dialects disappear all the time, and it’s a phenomenon…
tradurre canzoniCuriosities

How are song lyrics translated?

Translating songs might not seem all that different from translating poetry, or any other specialized translation. In both cases, translators need to respect the meaning, metrics and musicality of the text while reshaping it another language. That being said, it is very important to understand the difference between a poem…
Natale nel mondoCuriosities

Christmas Traditions All Around the World

Although we’re inclined to believe that Christmas traditions around the globe are similar, many differences exist between the Christmas traditions around the world. The features we have in common are of course religious celebrations at midnight (or midnight mass), visits from Santa Claus and his reindeer, exchanging gifts and family…
Tradurre lo slangCuriosities

How to translate American slang

Slang is mainly used in spoken language, and in daily informal situations. It has developed in the USA through the continuous transformation of American English in common use. Slang was originally used in spoken language, but over time (and with the increasing popularity of instant messaging) it has spread into…
Traduttori famosiCuriosities

Famous translators in Italy and abroad

Translating a novel is often the ultimate dream of young hopefuls looking to become professional translators one day. In fact, literary translation is often what gives translators the most satisfaction, allowing them to become something near to full-blown authors. Translating fiction involves creating a text that’s a work of genius…
lingue faciliCuriosities

The easiest languages to learn (if you’re Italian)

Are some languages easier or more difficult to learn than others? Yes, and no. As such, no languages are equally easy or difficult to learn for everyone. Instead, it’s better to talk about close and distant languages. The “closeness” of two languages makes learning them easier.
Cosa sono i neologismiCuriosities

What are neologisms?

Neologisms, by definition, are new words that permanently enter spoken language. Many of the new words invented each year don’t stand the test of time, and are perhaps best described as fads that fail to root themselves permanently in spoken language.
Japanese ideograms translationCuriosities

How to translate Japanese ideograms

Japanese ideograms belong to a writing system that is entirely different from the alphabetic one used by almost all other languages around the world. Given its distance from western languages, translating Japanese is one of the most complex (and therefore expensive) tasks you can ask a professional translator to undertake.
Most difficult wordsCuriosities

What are the most difficult words in the world?

How many difficult words are there in the world? And which language contains the most unpronounceable words? In reality, these are not questions that can be answered objectively, since, as linguists will know, a language’s difficulty is entirely subjective.
funny wordsCuriosities

The funniest words in the world

Words are fun when they sound ridiculous or force speakers to attempt amusing pronunciation. The Italian language has several funny words, but there are numerous memorable cases in other languages, too.
Harry Potter TranslationsCuriosities

Translating Harry Potter: Fascinating Facts and Faults

Translating Harry Potter is just about as difficult as literary translation gets, not only due to the book and film series’ global success, but also to the fact that the character names were translated differently, causing confusion among readers, along with a lot of criticism.

The most studied languages in the world

The most studied languages in the world are not necessarily the most spoken languages in the world. Italians were recently shocked to find out that their mother tongue is the fourth most studied language in the world, despite its apparent complexity.
Working with languagesCuriosities

World of work: which languages are the most sought-after?

Which languages are the most sought-after in the world of work? Is it even possible to rank them? Perhaps it would be best to focus on specific industries? You might be unsurprised to learn that the latter approach makes more sense, despite the same few languages topping the rankings, regardless of sector.
Most common mistakes in englishCuriosities

What are the most common mistakes in English?

What are false friends? They are essentially tricky words or phrases that you need to look out for when translating from English into another language. Below are some English words that may deceive you due to their resemblance to Italian words. But watch out, they have very different meanings!

Most beautiful Words in the World

How does we determine whether or not a word is ‘beautiful’? In reality, there is no set way to do so, instead, we rely on a sort of ‘feeling’ that certain words are able to encapsulate concepts with precision or a pleasing sound.
Untranslatable wordsCuriosities

20 Words that can’t be translated

Most translators will be aware that certain cultures can be particularly sensitive to specific concepts, perceiving them in entirely unique ways. Often, this ‘sensitivity’ to specific items, emotions or situations is encapsulated in a word.
Le lingue a rischio di estinzioneCuriosities

List of Languages at Risk of Extinction

While some languages are continuing to gain new speakers, others seem destined for oblivion. In most cases, the latter includes ancient languages spoken by very small and isolated communities, whose inhabitants are progressively diminishing in number or are forgetting their population’s ancient cultural traditions.