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How to translate a patent for your business

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Now more than ever, intellectual property is a critical asset for businesses that produce goods and services. Patenting an invention can help you protect your business and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. If your company operates internationally, it's also essential to translate your patents. In this article, in addition to delving into the subject of patents, we'll see how to translate a patent effectively.


What are patents?

A patent is a document that gives its owner the exclusive, legal right to make use of an invention for a limited period of time. Patents may relate to a new product or service. Obtaining a patent can be complicated, but the benefits can be significant. In fact, a patent can help you:

  • protect your invention from the competition;
  • exclude certain parties from making use of your invention;
  • increase the value of your business;
  • attract investors and other partners;
  • gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How are patents written?

A patent contains a series of essential information regarding the invention to be protected. This includes a detailed description of the invention itself, which must be sufficiently complete to enable an expert in the industry to understand and reproduce the invention without difficulty and, at the same time, must make it possible to distinguish the invention from others.

A patent also includes the claims, i.e. the part of the document that defines the scope of the invention and specifies which elements are exclusively covered by the patent. The claims are fundamental because they determine the extent of the protection conferred by the patent and may affect its validity. Drawings illustrating the invention in all its parts and functions are another key component.


How to translate a patent

Patent translation is a complex, delicate process that requires specific linguistic and legal skills. The translation of a patent must be:

  • accurate: it must not contain translation errors that could affect the validity of the patent;
  • faithful: it must faithfully reproduce the content of the original patent;
  • understandable: it must be easy for readers in the foreign language to read and to understand.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind to translate a patent effectively.


Translating technical terms

Patent translations require knowledge of the specific technical terms of the field in which the invention was developed. For example, if the patent relates to a new medical device, the translator must know the specific medical terminology.


Translating claims

As we have seen, claims are the most important part of the patent, as they define the scope of the patent's protection. The translation of claims must be particularly accurate, as even a small change can have a significant impact on the validity of the patent.


Translating drawings

Drawings often accompany patents to illustrate the invention. Translations of patent drawings must be accurate and faithfully reproduce the details of the invention.

Translating a patent is therefore a complex process that requires linguistic skill, technical knowledge and great attention to detail. This is why choosing a specialized, reliable translation service provider is essential to ensure an accurate translation that respects applicable laws and regulations.

Giulia Pasquali

April 15, 2024

Giulia Pasquali

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