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How to grow your online sales during promotional periods

how to increase e-commerce sales

Online store sales have increased exponentially in recent years, thanks primarily to the COVID-19 lockdowns, when it was impossible to visit stores in person.

During the summer and winter promotional periods, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas period, online sales and profits tend to be more concentrated.

How to grow your online sales

There is no magic formula for automatically growing your online sales. However, there are some good practices you can follow and mould to suit your specific sector and make a difference to your online revenue. Here are a few tips for defining an effective sales strategy for your online business.

Use social media to advertise

Social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) allows sellers to launch advertising campaigns for specific target audiences.

If you can identify the right social media channel to intercept customers, exploit the platform’s advertising potential, and create strategies that cut across your various social media channels, your brand, products, and services will obtain greater visibility.

Take advantage of advertising pop-ups

Web surfers are not huge fans of pop-up notifications and banner ads.  However, if used well (and in moderation), they can attract the attention of potential customers and lead them, in the best-case scenario, to make purchases from your website.

Understanding how to adapt this high-potential form of advertising to meet your business needs and those of your target customers is essential when attempting to grow your online sales.

Create a multilingual website

One of the main benefits of having an online shop is the possibility of selling products to customers worldwide. Users are more willing to make purchases from websites that contain text written in their native language. Therefore, creating a professionally translated and localised multilingual website for your users is a handy way to reach a wider pool of potential customers.

The higher the quality of your e-commerce translations  – thanks to your reliance on professional translators – the more success your multilingual website will have selling your products and services.

How to increase sales during sales periods

As already mentioned, sales periods can be crucial to online business. For this reason, you need to know how to make the most of the opportunities available for your online shop. Below are a few pointers that you might find helpful.

Identify the right time to launch your advertising campaigns

We recommend that you avoid launching your advertising campaigns at the wrong time, i.e., either too soon before the sales season or at the beginning/end of it.

This could be a costly mistake without an equal return in terms of revenues. The best time to launch a promotional campaign is about 15 days before the start of the sales season.

Create a directory of products on offer

If you want to increase the chances of users making one or more purchases from your online store, we recommend creating a ‘promotions’ page on your website that displays all the discounted products for sale.

Once you have created this page, you can advertise the link using advertising campaigns on social media channels built for your specific target audience.

Allow users to pay for things in instalments

Finally, to intercept users who spend the least amount of money, it is a good idea to allow them to pay in instalments (Buy Now Pay Later), which enables you to spread payments over time.

The ‘buy now pay later’ concept allows customers to pay for the products or services they have purchased in instalments but to receive and enjoy them immediately.

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