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Native translator: why should you choose him?

native translator

Mother-tongue translators can make all the difference to your international company's document translation activities.  Relying on a professional who speaks the target language fluently will mean that your texts remain unchanged and can be understood by a wider audience.

What counts as a mother-tongue translator?

A mother-tongue translator is a professional with a degree in languages and a specialism in one or more areas of translation (such as the legal, commercial, financial, or literary field).
They translate texts to and from their native language.

What are the benefits of working with mother-tongue translators?

Native-language translations have several advantages compared to translations produced by non-native translators (who are nevertheless very skilled and well-qualified).
The main benefit lies in how well the text flows. Texts translated by native speakers will be free from grammatical errors, coherent, and as pleasant to read as the original text.
The above is extremely useful when it comes to literary translation, where the main objective is to remain as faithful as possible to the meaning of the source text, while also recreating the atmospheres and sounds evoked by the original author.
Mother-tongue translators are also able to localise texts more instinctively. Localised texts take the target culture into careful consideration. This aspect is critical when it comes to printed and digital commercial and advertising texts. Native speakers can use persuasive language skilfully in their mother tongue because they live and ‘breathe’ the target culture.
No one can translate a company’s values and tone of voice better than a native speaker when it comes to specialised commercial or advertising texts. In practice, mother-tongue professionals act as ‘cultural mediators’ between companies and their native culture.

Why your business should choose to rely on a mother-tongue translator

We recommend that companies entering the international market for the first time rely on the expertise of mother-tongue translators.
Doing so will allow you to ensure the coherent and effective communication established by your company in your home market is also conveyed in the target language. Relying on a professional to create an international advertising campaign and then ‘throwing it all away’ by commissioning a poor translation would be a real shame.
Eurotrad has translated texts to and from several different language combinations for almost thirty years and collaborates with many native-speaking professionals. If you run an international business, why not take a look at our translation services today?

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January 9, 2023

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