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Wine translation services: why they are important

wine translation services - Eurotrad

Translation for the wine sector, and for the food and wine sector in general, is one of the most complex types of all. It is a type of translation that must perfectly and harmoniously combine the extremely technical terms needed to identify the characteristics of the wine, and the evocative language used to convey the uniqueness and authenticity of each product.

The importance of translations for the wine sector

One of the key elements in the wine sector, as in the gastronomy sector but also in art and tourism, is the ability to charm potential customers. Those who buy a wine may certainly do so because they are familiar with its organoleptic characteristics, but they could also be won over by a well-written label.
This means that translations for the wine sector are crucial, for both large and small wine producers. Translations produced for a major winery operating on the international market must be able to communicate the values expressed by the label in different languages, as well as modulate the tone of voice so that it remains constant and recognisable, regardless of the language into which it is translated

In any case, the terminological accuracy with which each translation must be carried out remains essential. Labels are one of the best-known components translated for wines, but interestingly there are other elements that also require translation.
An example are wine lists, which deserve special attention. Intended exclusively for the restaurant sector, they must be able to win over customers while providing them with all the information they need to independently choose the wine to pair with their meal when dining out.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a translation for the wine sector

As in any other industry, the effectiveness of a translation for the wine sector is measured on the one hand by its terminological accuracy, but undoubtedly also by its communicative effectiveness. The label of a wine has in fact a strong commercial value, since it is the first 'contact' that is established between a potential buyer and the product in question.
If the client is an up-and-coming company or winery, then an effective translation is one that can build a consistent and engaging brand identity, both at home and abroad.  To do this, it will have to be able to attract customers from different parts of the world, and therefore with very different sensibilities, and make the brand recognisable within a difficult, competitive and stratified market such as the wine market.

Why choose Eurotrad for a wine translation service

Our translations for the food and wine sector are carried out by specialised translators who have many years of experience in the wine field, and more generally in the food and wine area. They are carefully monitored by a dedicated project manager who works closely with the customer to create a product that lives up to their expectations in line with the brand. Contact us and together we will build the most effective texts to take your company to the international market.

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June 5, 2023

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