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Case Study: Giordano Vini

Giordano Vini: enhancing international online presence

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The challenge

Giordano Vini, with wineries located in Piedmont and Puglia, delivers Italian wines par excellence to more than a million customers in Italy and across Europe.
The objective was to enhance its online presence and bolster visibility abroad. With a strong focus on the online market, the client has both an e-commerce platform and a portal dedicated to the wine industry and its enthusiasts. Following a long-standing partnership for the translation of promotional materials, brochures, websites, and newsletters in various language combinations including English, French, and Dutch, the client entrusted Eurotrad with the translation of its portal into English, German, and French. The objective was to promptly reinforce its digital presence and the visibility of this channel abroad

The solutions

The client and Eurotrad have established a long-lasting partnership, undertaking several projects as needs arise over time. For this e-commerce portal translation and localization project, several types of translation were used:

  • classic translation (performed by expert native speakers);
  • machine translation and post-editing (machine translation that is post-edited by native translators to refine and proofread the content to ensure its accuracy in the target language).

These solutions provided the utmost flexibility, adhering to the deadlines and budgets allocated for each project To ensure optimal quality for each translation project (classic translation and machine translation post-editing), Eurotrad selected native specialist translators who had already worked on previous projects for the client and were familiar with the context and the most appropriate verbiage and terminology to use, thereby maintaining consistency in communication and the utmost precision across all content.

The results

Giordano Vini‘s main challenge was to strengthen its online presence in foreign countries – a goal that was also achieved thanks to the translation and localization services offered. This resulted in:

  • an expanded range of products with increased localised online presence in English, German, and French-speaking countries;
  • increased e-commerce traffic and brand awareness;
  • a rise in online sales abroad.

Eurotrad guarantees professionalism and reliability in every new job-this is how a partnership that has lasted for many years now was born.

Riccardo Bonelli | Buyer

Giordano Vini


  • Add new language pairs
  • Strengthen digital presence
  • Improve coverage abroad


  • Quick launch of an e-commerce platform in multiple languages
  • Localized product range
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Boost in online sales across foreign language markets

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