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Case Study: Pengo SpA

Pengo Spa: E-comemrce localisation to expand the offer

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The challenge

A major Italian company operating in the household products sector, Pengo Spa is a company with strong international ties.

Its global spirit is also clear from the worldwide export of the products produced by each brand and partner within the group. The collaboration with Eurotrad started with the translation of product sheets for thousands of different items in many language combinations – IT>DE, ES, NL, PT, and FR – for Amazon and for the Company’s own e-commerce site, initiating the distribution of products into new markets where they were not yet present.

The solutions

After selecting native-speaking translators specialized in the e-commerce sector, as is standard practice, we analyzed the context and the markets in which the company wished to expand and distribute its new products.

Having identified the best keywords for search engine optimization, we translated and localized the product sheets for 2000/2500 items per project – including the title, expense description, and product features – adapting the content for the various target countries.

All of this was then supervised by the appointed project manager to ensure the best quality in each translation and language combination.

The results

Thanks to Eurotrad’s translation and localization services for e-commerce, Pengo Spa increased its visibility and global presence and reached new countries where its products were not yet distributed.

The localization of the Company’s e-commerce product sheets allowed:

  • reaching and expanding into countries where there was no product offering
  • increasing the market share internationally
  • increasing sales and turnover

Foresight and an international vision, while keeping the customer at the center and the values of a family-run business, are the key factors that distinguish the group. Pengo Spa is indeed one of the major global companies in the household products sector.

The translations provided by Eurotrad played a fundamental role in our distribution strategy: they allowed us to expand our product offerings into new foreign markets and increase sales.

Chiara Carlesso | Ufficio E-commerce

Pengo SpA


  • New language combinations for the new products
  • Content localization


  • New foreign markets expansion
  • Greater visibility
  • Sales and turnover increase

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