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Case Study: Olivyou

Olivou: how to strengthen your market share overseas

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The challenge

The primary challenge for Olivyou, world’s largest e-commerce platform, which specialises in the sale and selection of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, was to enhance and expand its market share in the following countries: Germany and France. Olivyou, an industry frontrunner, sought to stay ahead of its competitors by localising its vast range of products for the German and French markets. It turned to Eurotrad to translate and localise its product descriptions (oils, jams, spreads, etc.) and the descriptions featured on its e-commerce platform from Italian to several languages, while keeping in mind SEO best practices.

The solutions

As always, we analysed the oil market in the destination countries in collaboration with the client Olivyou. We utilised the potential of the best Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and selected native translators to join a team, which supported the client throughout the entire project. This enabled a deep understanding of the target market and an ability to write SEO-optimised e-commerce content, tailored and localized for Germany, and France. The entire project was delivered on time and with the utmost customer satisfaction after a thorough review by the designated Project Manager.

The results

Thanks to a targeted digital strategy, the company has reaffirmed its position as the largest global platform for the sale and delivery of extra virgin olive oil and related products. Localising and translating its online shop led to:

  • the creation of content that is specific to markets in target countries;
  • the indexing of the platform for the German, and French versions of the site;
  • an increase in brand awareness and traffic to the site;
  • a boost in sales revenue from foreign countries.

Looking ahead, timely analysis of market trends and consumer behaviour in each country, coupled with a focused online strategy, are the key ingredients of Olivyou’s success.

Eurotrad's e-commerce translation services are a great added value for us to expand our products worldwide!

Michele Debernardi | Coo & Founder



  • New language combinations on the website
  • Increased online presence
  • Larger foreign market share


  • Targeted content for destination countries
  • More traffic to the website
  • Boost in turnover from foreign countries

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