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Case Study: Trasmec Srl

Trasmec Srl: multilingual manuals to get closer to the customer

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The challenge

Trasmec Srl is an internationally renowned company leader in the transportation systems sector. It is a company with a strong focus on customer service featuring manufacturing units located in strategic areas according to the company’s target markets such as Romania, China, and India, in addition to its headquarters in Italy.

The close proximity to the end customer led to a partnership of over 10 years with Eurotrad, producing technical manuals in countless language combinations, European languages and more.

The solutions

In cooperation with Trasmec, we have created a single work team, selecting the best native- speaking translators specialized in the industrial sector.

After an accurate analysis of the target market and with the help of advanced technologies (CAT Tools), we have developed manuals in each requested target language.

Finally, the entire project was reviewed by the appointed project manager, ensuring delivery within the agreed timeframes and with the highest quality. Mutual trust, speed and excellent quality: these are the ingredients of a solid and lasting partnership

The results

Trasmec continues to expand into new markets, confirming its leadership in the transportation systems sector and its customer-centric approach with manuals translated and culturally adjusted to its target markets.

Numbers on the projects completed:

  • 20 new projects per year
  • Up to 20,000 words translated
  • More than 10 language combinations requested, including: IT>FR-PL-DK-EL-BG-EN- ES-RU-LV-CZ-HR

The partnership with Eurotrad contributes to making the company increasingly attentive and focused on its target audience and regions of interest, facilitating the use of machinery through multilingual manuals that are always correct and up-to-date.


"What impressed us about Eurotrad is the speed of delivery while maintaining the highest quality. This created a relationship of trust that has been going on for over 10 years.

Daniele Perlasca | Chief Operating Officer

Trasmec Srl


  • Manuals translated with great attention to the audience of the target markets
  • Content localized and adapted to the end-customer


  • Translations for each destination country
  • User-friendly
  • Greater trust in the brand

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