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Many companies operating in foreign markets recognise that one of the primary difficulties they face is the translation of technical manuals, catalogues and brochures. In fact, even when manuals and catalogues are clear, understandable and effective in their mother tongue, this isn’t always the case in other languages. This is often because translating manuals and catalogues is first and foremost about understanding the value of the products and services on offer and then getting this message across in different languages, which needs to be adapted and appropriately localised to the cultural context of reference. At Eurotrad we do just that. Technical manual, catalogue and brochure translation services, although differing in various ways, have the shared goal of adding to and strengthening company value propositions in all languages, which are represented by the products and services on offer.

Technical manual translation: why is it so important?

Translating technical manuals isn’t just about making products and services comprehensible to international customers, it’s also about helping them to understand actual value. In fact, technical manual translation services can include:

  • Data sheet and technical specification translations
  • User, installation and maintenance handbook translations
  • Training manual translations
  • Safety manual translations
  • Technical machinery brochure translations
  • Product documentation translations
  • Technical file translations
  • Part list translations
  • Code of ethics translations
  • Patent translations

If the technical translations listed above are functional and well put-together, they can significantly increase international customers’ perceived value of products and/or services. Meanwhile, not investing enough time and resources in technical manual translations will make them comprehensible at best, without adding the necessary value to the products and services on offer.

At Eurotrad, thanks to twenty years of experience in technical manual translations (use and maintenance instructions, installation procedures, assembly instructions, user handbooks, technical data sheets, etc.), we know that only effective and well-contextualised translations will lead to a real increase in sales and profit margins abroad.

Doing so will ensure that customers are more faithful to the brand, which will no longer be perceived as a “foreign brand” but a localised and united business. In fact, technical manuals that are functional for end users, in addition to catalogues and brochures that are well-constructed linguistically, are the best way to internationalise your products and services.

How to translate technical manuals and catalogues

Communication with customers abroad is key, and user, training and safety manuals, together with catalogues and brochures, are one of the main ways to best exploit communication. However, in order to achieve the desired results, it’s vital to rely on a team of experts and professionals who will be able to perfectly reproduce the contents of catalogues and manuals in other languages without losing sight of the company’s identity and value. This is why we use mother-tongue translators who are specialised in technical fields and can support you throughout the translation process of manuals, codes of ethics, patents, etc. At Eurotrad, we don’t just offer handbook translation services, we offer personalised collaboration in order to ensure that your products and services are comprehensible and appreciated by international customers. You will be allocated a project manager who will guide you through the entire translation process, offering you a highly personalised service.

Request a free quote now for technical manual and brochure translation services

You can request a free quote for technical manual translation services at any time. Once we have received the go-ahead, the project will be assigned to one of our project managers specialised in translation. At this point in the process, the translation itself carried out entirely by mother-tongue translators specialised in the technical field.

You can request a free quote from our experts, who will help you to solve some of the more difficult questions related to technical manual and brochure translations. We will endeavour to answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

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