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The requirements for an effective translation of scientific articles

The requirements for an effective translation of scientific articles - Eurotrad

Translating scientific articles demands precision, clarity, and a thorough grasp of the context. In today's globalised world, science transcends borders, enabling researchers of diverse nationalities to share breakthroughs and advancements. Yet, how can we ensure that these texts are comprehensible to all? The solution lies in accurate and specialised translation.

While machine translation tools like Google Translate or DeepL exist, they cannot replace the expertise and proficiency provided by professional scientific translation services. This is especially true for scientific articles destined for publication in esteemed trade journals or for consultation within universities and research institutions. A skilled translator safeguards the original content's integrity in scientific article translations.

Translating scientific articles

Translating scientific articles entails a multitude of intricacies, demanding the involvement of highly specialised professional translators with a keen eye for detail. For example, this endeavour requires the use of current scientific terminology, the careful insertion of new terms, abbreviations, and acronyms, and familiarity with the editorial guidelines of the journals where the article is destined for publication.
Scientific articles are based on four pillars:

  • accuracy
  • persuasion
  • clarity
  • concision

The communicative power of these components shapes their influence within the scientific community. Translating these texts is no mean feat. Each article is accompanied by its own terminology, entailing the recognition of complex technical concepts to enable the translation and delivery of new findings in a clear, faithful, and understandable manner.
The primary challenge lies in maintaining the integrity of the original content while ensuring the translated text flows seamlessly and resonates with the international scientific community. This mandate calls for not only an excellent command of the languages at play but also a thorough understanding of the specific technical domain.

Scientific articles in English

English is frequently regarded as the lingua franca of scientific research, with most leading journals and conferences accepting submissions in this language. This underscores its indispensability within the global scientific community. Nevertheless, translating scientific articles into English entails distinctive hurdles. While a researcher may understand English, articulating intricate concepts may not be as effortless as in their native tongue. Herein lies the importance of a specialised translator who can transform a text originally written in a native language into a high-quality English article, primed for publication.

Translating scientific articles from Italian to English

Translating scientific articles into your mother tongue can often prove to be a more straightforward task when the subject matter is familiar. Conversely, translating out of your mother tongue introduces significant challenges. Beyond the standard complexities of scientific translation, one must also navigate linguistic and cultural nuances.
For instance, Italian may feature terms or expressions lacking a direct English equivalent. An adept translator will cleverly navigate these subtleties and, when confronted with neologisms, acronyms, and abbreviations, will pinpoint precise counterparts, guaranteeing the translated text resonates authentically in English. As such, in addition to a comprehensive grasp of the article's subject matter, a profound familiarity with both the source and target languages is vital.
Translating scientific articles is a nuanced task demanding a combination of linguistic and technical skills. The crux lies in ensuring that the original message is conveyed with precision and clarity, irrespective of the target language. Entrusting this task to industry experts, such as those at Eurotrad, assures a high-quality translation aligned with the publication standards of leading scientific journals.

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December 4, 2023

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