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Best translation apps: some tips

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In an increasingly globalised world, effective communication in different languages is essential. Text translation apps can serve as useful tools to overcome language barriers. However, it is crucial to recognise their limitations and know when to turn to specialised professionals. Identifying the best apps for translation and knowing when human translators are more suitable is vital to avoid evaluation mistakes.

The Best Text Translation Apps

1. Google Translate: perhaps the most popular translation app, Google Translate supports over 100 different languages;
Microsoft Translator: similar to Google Translate, Microsoft Translator is also a free translation app, allowing for simultaneous translation in about 70 languages. It is particularly useful for real-time conversation translations;
3. iTranslate: this app can translate texts into over a hundred languages and offers an “AR Mode Conversation” feature, enabling real-time translated conversations using augmented reality.

4. DeepL: known for its high translation quality through deep neural networks, DeepL translates fewer languages than other apps, but it excels in accuracy. It captures the nuances and appropriate tone for the context, making it one of the best for English translations.
5. Reverso
: this translation app offers various features, including text translation, a dictionary, synonyms, and language learning. It is especially useful for translating idiomatic sentences;
6. Duolingo
: while primarily an app for language learning, Duolingo also offers a service that can be useful for translating simple texts.

The Limits of Translation Apps

Though translation apps are powerful tools, they do have their limitations. First of all, they lack accuracy and can be unreliable, particularly when dealing with complex sentences or specific terminology. Text translation apps often struggle to grasp context and linguistic nuances, leading to translations that may sound unnatural or inaccurate.
Idiomatic expressions and cultural references are also frequently misrepresented, as they require a deep understanding of the target culture.

When to Contact Specialised Professionals

For companies aiming to expand internationally or communicate effectively with customers in different languages, accurate and culturally appropriate translations are essential. In such cases, we recommend working with specialised human translators. These professionals not only translate texts but also ensure that messages remain culturally relevant and align with the tone of the original text. Avoid relying on text translation apps for:

  • legal or economic documents: specific translations, such as financial or legal documents like contracts or patents, require the expertise of a specialised translator.
  • marketing materials: for brochures, websites, or advertising campaigns, text translation apps fail to capture the nuances and tone needed to resonate with the target audience. A marketing-experienced translator can ensure the material is effective in the target language.
  • technical documentation, in the field of design: editing manuals, technical specifications, or other specialist documents in a foreign language demands more than a simple app. A translator with relevant technical skills guarantees accurate and understandable information.
  • medical-scientific content: even the best translation app cannot replace a translator specialised in the medical field. Translating health or scientific documents like medical records or prescriptions requires thorough knowledge of medical terminology. This sensitive issue demands meticulous accuracy to avoid harmful mistakes.

In conclusion, while translation apps are useful for conversations or informal daily communications like emails, they provide simplistic translations. For business communications, legal documents, marketing materials, financial reports, or scientific content, it is essential to recognise the limitations of text translation apps and entrust the task to specialised professionals with appropriate skills. Investing in quality translations can make all the difference to a company's success in a global market.

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August 14, 2023

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