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Real estate translation services

real estate translation services

Translations for the property sector are defined as specialised translations. The property sector produces a wide range of documents, from rental contracts to feasibility studies and files accompanying building projects. Translated texts for the real estate sector span several sectors, can vary greatly, and often use sector-specific language.
In light of the above, we highly recommend using a professional translation service if you need to translate texts into a foreign language.

Why is it so important to translate texts for the property industry?

By its very nature, the property sector involves significant investments between private individuals and companies. These companies operate on an even larger scale and have an even greater interest in having real estate documents translated professionally. For example, legal documents often need to be translated to complete the sale of a property or its lease.
It is worth remembering that the property sector also involves building projects that require investors. If these investors are located in countries other than where the project was taking place, documents will need to be translated into English (or another target language) to be understood. But that's not all.

Project presentations and promotional materials often need to be translated to finalise investments, too. This type of communication is only effective if persuasive commercial language is used in translation.

When is the right time to commission a professional translation?

You should commission property sector translations when you commence property sale negotiations with foreign clients or building projects and initiatives with international partners.
Making professionally translated documents available is always a plus if companies are interested in maintaining their reputation on the property market.
These translations can be requested by architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, property fund managers, investors, brokerage firms, and real estate companies.

What sorts of documents do people need to translate for the property sector?

The documents we tend to translate for the property sector include the following:

  • market analysis
  • deeds and contracts of sale and lease
  • notary deeds
  • certificates of viability
  • land use certificates
  • compliance certificates
  • surveys
  • land registry searches
  • mortgage certificates
  • insurance policies
  • mortgages and loans
  • business plans
  • investment plans
  • feasibility studies

At Eurotrad, we have almost thirty years of experience producing specialised translations. In addition, we collaborate with several professionals to create translations for the property sector in several different language combinations. Get in touch to receive a free quote!

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January 16, 2023

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