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Sports translations: how to do them and advantages

sports translations

Italy’s sports industry uses a lot of loan words. The most popular sports in Italy (football, volleyball, and tennis) use a plethora of non-Italian words, including the likes of ‘mister’ and ‘goal’ in football, ‘smash’ and ‘volley’ in tennis, and ‘set’ and ‘time-out’ in volleyball. Due to the heavy reliance on loan words, you might think there is no need to ask a professional to translate texts and documents relating to the sports sector and that you can handle the entire process ‘in-house’.
Loan words are so familiar to us when talking about sports because we are used to hearing them on TV, in newspapers, and online. However, if you pay close attention to the sports headlines, you will soon realise that each sport has its own extensive and specialised vocabulary that can be very difficult for non-experts to wrap their heads around.

Why are translations so crucial for the sports industry?

When we talk about sports, we usually think of sports matches and events and the act of playing and commentating on sports.
Correctly translating a newspaper article about a sport, a statement issued by a coach, or a press release is extremely important as sports affect the lives of millions of people around the world.
However, sports translations go far beyond ‘commentated sports’. The industry is incredibly diverse and operates on a global scale.

How to go about producing a sports translation

Sports translations are specialised translations. To produce accurate and effective translations, translators need to know how to use the sector's technical language while respecting the linguistic idiosyncrasies of each sport.
Therefore, we recommend relying on a specialised translator, especially if they have proven experience translating texts for specific sports sectors.

Types of sports translations

Sports industry translations can vary greatly in terms of content. Let's take a look at the main types of sports translations.

Articles and press releases

Sports articles and press release translations must accurately convey technical sporting terms in the target language.

Legal documents

Contracts for athletes, medical certificates, and documents relating to career achievements are all legally binding. In addition to ensuring they are technically accurate, translators must ensure these documents possess the same legal value as the original text.

Commercial documents

Advertising brochures, labels, catalogues, online product descriptions, and sports-related product packages are just a few examples of texts that often need to be translated ahead of international sports events or to sell products to global markets.
Businesses require sports translations between many different language combinations, and it can sometimes take a while to find the right person for the job. Therefore, we recommend getting in touch with a professional translation agency such as Eurotrad. We can connect you with the best professionals to meet your sports translation needs.

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January 30, 2023

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