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How to translate the details of a product page: tips for the best translation

Translating product descriptions correctly is a key step towards creating a successful online shop and winning the trust of your customers.

What is a product description?

A product description is a short piece of text (approx. 200 words) containing information relating to a particular product.

Users rely on these descriptions to get a feel for a product so that they can decide if they want to make a purchase from your online shop.

Who translates product descriptions?

You should ask a professional translator to translate your product descriptions, ideally a native speaker of the target language.

In addition, your translator needs to know about SEO-friendly translations,  i.e., translated texts that are optimised for search engines, when correctly translating your online product descriptions.

By creating SEO-optimised product descriptions in different target languages, your company will rank highly in search engine results and your sales opportunities will increase as a consequence.

Translating product descriptions and specifications

Different types of translation require different approaches. This also applies to product specifications. Here are our top tips for effective translations.

Provide detailed information

Shopping online means that users can’t touch products in person or ask additional questions. As such, your product specifications need to contain all relevant information. Customers will be satisfied and much more likely to make a purchase as a consequence.

Translate technical terms correctly

People sell all types of products online. If you’re selling technical items or products with technical specifications, you must translate every single term correctly. By doing so, your technical product specs will be perfectly understandable and will convey a sense of competence and reliability to your customers.

Translate and use keywords correctly

Optimising product descriptions also involves using keywords to ensure your online shop performs well from an SEO point of view. A key aspect of optimising texts is correctly using and translating keywords so that they perform well in the target language. To do so, you’ll need someone with excellent knowledge of the target language plus familiarity with SEO software to analyse and use keywords.

Pay attention to geolocalisation

Geolocalisation is a linguistic tool that can make all the difference between a successful shop and one that gets low conversions. Geolocalisation involves using linguistic terms specific to a certain geographical area.

British English and American English, for example, use different terms. As such, you need to be aware of the differences and to use the correct language for your target market. After all, web users make more purchases on websites (correctly) translated into their mother tongue. This is a fact that should not be overlooked.

Website translation is one of EuroTrad’s flagship services. Our team comprises professional translators who are experts in creating optimised translations of product descriptions for various language pairs. Get in touch today if you need to translate product descriptions for your online shop. And remember, we also offer a 24-hour translation service!

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January 17, 2022

Redazione Eurotrad

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