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Professional brochure translation: why it matters

brochure translation

A brochure is a booklet containing pages in multiples of four that individuals and businesses use to provide information on a product, company, or event. To ensure an international audience can understand your documents, you need to have your brochures translated.
Here is everything you need to know about brochures and how to translate them effectively.

What is a brochure?

Brochures are advertising booklets that individuals and businesses use to communicate information about a product, service, company, or event (such as a fair, concert, or conference). They comprise a few pages and a slightly sturdier cover, and they usually contain a combination of images and text.
They are used to advertise specific products, services, and events and to communicate company information.

When to use them in business

Brochures are ideal for showcasing and promoting new products, services, and events.
Businesses can also produce brochures to provide information about their company history, mission, and vision and they can also act as a form of communication for internal use within the company itself.

How to create a brochure

To create an effective brochure, you need to plan the use of the space available to you carefully. The aim is to include images and texts that coherently and comprehensively explain your company values, services, and product features to readers.
You should always use high-resolution images that are visually striking. Meanwhile, the text itself should be clear, short, and captivating.

Professional brochure translations: features

If your company sells products and services to international markets or you expect the event or conference you are organising to have international attendees, you should make sure you translate your brochure into English or another language. Professional brochure translations must:

  • convey the intention of the source text. They must therefore be faithful to the original text
  • maintain the same TOV (tone of voice) as the original brochure;
  • be as effective at communicating as the original text
  • take into account the brochure's layout, i.e., the size of the headings and images in relation to the length of the translated texts

We recommend relying on a team of professionals to translate your brochures. Eurotrad has specialised in translation services for almost thirty years, including advertising translations, technical manual translations, website translations, and many other types of specialised translations.

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February 9, 2023

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