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Medical translations: in which sectors are they needed?

medical translation services Eurotrad

Medical translations are a particularly tricky translation service due to the subject matter involved. Professional medical translations are predominantly sought by professionals and companies operating in the medical sector. This includes industries involved in the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as technology companies producing healthcare software and electronic equipment.

What are medical translations?

Medical translations span a plethora of different domains: These often include:

  • the translation of technical manuals or operating instructions for medical machinery
  • the translation of leaflets and packaging for medicines or medical devices
  • the translation of user interfaces for digital medical equipment software
  • the translation of brochures, leaflets, and information pamphlets
  • the translation of websites for hospitals and clinics, etc.

Like all technical translations, professional medical translations require a deep understanding of the subject matter and necessitate the use of specialised glossaries to accurately translate each term with its precise equivalent. Medical translation leaves no room for personal interpretation.
The purpose of medical translation is to provide individuals overseas with the medical documents they need.

What sorts of medical documents can you translate?

Here is a list of medical documents that often need to be translated:

  • patient leaflets for medicinal products
  • user manuals for medical machinery
  • information documents for doctors
  • medical and scientific research articles

Why you should rely on Eurotrad to handle your medical translations

As mentioned, medical terminology is highly intricate, requiring the translator to possess extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore, if you require the translation of documents for your medical or pharmaceutical company, we always recommend seeking the assistance of a professional translation agency.
At Eurotrad, we are leaders in the field of professional translations and provide companies with scientific translations, pharmaceutical translations, and many other services. We rely on professional translators who are native speakers and have expertise in the medical field to handle all of our medical translations in various language pairs.

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