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Marketing translations: advantages and when they are needed

marketing translations

Marketing translations are an essential tool for companies operating in the international market as they capture the attention of potential customers from diverse cultural backgrounds, communicating company values and making the unique features of new products known to foreign markets.

Benefits of multilingual content marketing

Marketing texts (and their translation) have unique characteristics. They use persuasive writing to strengthen customer confidence and entice them to buy products.
Effective multilingual marketing content multiplies sales opportunities and increases revenues proportionately.

Managing multilingual marketing in international companies

International companies pay close attention to global marketing management because they know how important it is to oversee commercial, advertising, and sales communications in each market.
When it comes to international markets, business activities include creating marketing campaigns, both online and offline. These campaigns use the language of the country in which the company operates as a point of reference. Marketing campaigns advertise corporate and brand values, in addition to new products and services.
Online marketing campaigns involve creating specific web pages (landing pages) for this purpose. Users ‘land’ on these pages when browsing the web. Effectively translating this content increases its chances (along with other factors) of converting users into loyal customers.

Why you should rely on an agency for international marketing translations

Once you have curated your marketing campaigns and written the accompanying copy, you need to produce international marketing translations that are as effective as the source text.
Effectiveness is paramount in marketing translation. Achieving it often requires deviating from strictly literal translations. Therefore, it is essential to rely on professional translators with skills in advertising communication.
Translators specialising in international marketing can use the target language’s characteristics to convey the intent of the source text accurately in translation. This delicate task is known as localisation and is key to successful marketing translations.
Another tip is to entrust your marketing translations to native-speaking professionals. For example, a native Chinese Mandarin translator will be able to better convey the concepts of a marketing campaign developed by a Western company to a Chinese audience.

But that's not all. To produce multilingual marketing translations, you also need to contact native-speaking professionals with  previous experience in the marketing sector. Therefore, your best bet is to entrust your international marketing translations to a translation agency.
At Eurotrad, we work with mother-tongue translators specialising in marketing and advertising translations. Throughout the translation process, our project managers coordinate with your team and are available to assist you. Get in touch for a free quote!

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April 24, 2023

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