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The most translated websites in the world include a surprising entry in first place

What are the most translated websites in the world? You may be surprised to hear that the most translated website in the world is not Wikipedia or Google. At the top of this list is a website belonging to an international organisation that has made great strides in online communication – proof that it is never too late to enter the digital age. Tech giants will have to make do with coming in second place. Here is an overview of the world’s most translated websites!

The most translated website in the world is about religion

There’s a fairly obvious trend here: the most translated books in the world are the Bible and the Quran – which are sacred texts belonging to the world’s largest monotheistic religions – so it’s hardly surprising that the most translated website in the world belongs to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which has been translated into 945 different languages and dialects.

This is a huge cultural undertaking, given that most of the text on belongs to the Holy Scriptures. In addition to providing a series of insights on relevant topics (such as religious education, teenage depression and eating a balanced diet, etc.), the website features a full translation of the Bible in a digital format designed to help people study the sacred text.

Since the Bible is a primary point of reference for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s vital that translations are accurate and loyal to the source text, making the religious organisation’s task truly titanic.

Wikipedia: a symbol of digital knowledge

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world. It has the unique characteristic of being created by a network of users. Almost anyone can contribute to articles, making it one of the most translated websites in the world.

According to recent estimates, Wikipedia contains about 37 million articles and has been translated into almost 300 languages. However, this is essentially just a guestimate, as Wikipedia’s most popular articles have been translated into a much greater number of languages, while less popular articles have been translated into fewer languages.

Technology companies: advanced content translation

Translating website content is vital for companies, given that it has been statistically proven that potential customers are more likely to make a purchase in their native tongue.

Leading global multinationals are therefore choosing to translate content on their websites in order to reach the greatest number of potential customers in the most effective way. Samsung and Apple lead the way with this strategy. Samsung has translated its portal into 166 languages, while Apple offers 125 language options.

Google: a tool for everyone (anywhere in the world)

Talking about a tangible ‘translation’ of Google is tricky as the world’s most popular search engine contains very little text. Saying that, the official Google site has been translated into 164 languages, despite additional search engine information and guidelines mainly being available in English.

Facebook: the website that translates itself

The first social network worthy of the name contains very little default text: its content is generated by users. It follows that Facebook is updated with such speed and with so much text that translating website content is technically impossible, if by ‘translation’ we’re referring to a task completed by real-life translators.

In order to promote understanding and interaction between users who speak different languages, Facebook was the first website to translate itself by implementing automatic translation software which, at the user’s request, translates posts and comments written in a foreign language into his or her default language.

As these examples demonstrate, translating your website into more than one language is vital in the digital age, just as it is essential for translations to be of excellent quality and in compliance with the SEO standards that govern the writing of content for the web. When it comes to website translation, Eurotrad relies exclusively on translators who are familiar with SEO, so that translated sites can be found on search engines just as easily as the original website.

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October 2, 2019

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