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How to translate press releases in a good way?

press release translation

International companies often translate press releases when they need to communicate with international markets.

Although the official international business language is English, companies often need to translate press releases into several languages. Doing so ensures that the local press can use the information and convey it correctly to the general public.

In addition, businesses often publish press releases on their company websites to guarantee greater reach and effectiveness, especially when these announcements are published in the native languages of their active markets.

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How to translate press releases and kits

Press kit and press release translations should respect the content and formal specifications of the original text.

Press kit translations need to convey the company's values using a tone of voice and register appropriate to the business and its sector. Doing so ensures that corporate communications remain effective in the target language.

Although they fall under the same umbrella, business writing, advertising texts, and press releases could not be more different. While the former uses a persuasive language and tone of voice, press releases express simple concepts in clear, direct, and objective language.

Professional translators specialising in business communications must be able to produce translations that respect the specific characteristics of each type of text. Press releases need to be literal and their meaning must remain unchanged. On the other hand, a free translation approach is a better bet when translating advertising materials. It is more common to use transcreation services for this type of job.

Translating press releases into English

Translating press releases into English is often required when companies need to make announcements, organise logistics, or advertise services to international audiences.

English is the international business language of choice, both in Europe and worldwide. As such, translating good-quality press releases into English opens up new opportunities for corporate communication, allowing businesses to reach millions of additional speakers worldwide.

Of course, when translating press releases into English, you need to use the appropriate tone of voice and sector terms. A practical example might involve using business English expressions correctly to demonstrate familiarity with sector terminology. Companies hoping to launch products on international markets with the publication of press releases must prove that they are competent and reliable by mastering typical advertising speak.

It is also important to accurately translate product characteristics and technical specifications. This can be particularly crucial in specific product sectors, such as the technology industry. Here too, the accurate use of technical and scientific terms conveys a sense of reliability.

If businesses intend to make company announcements with press releases, they should adopt a neutral tone of voice and register and only list the facts to ensure they remain as objective as possible.

This means that translators need to use the appropriate vocabulary and registers when translating press releases into English. As a result, it is always a good idea to entrust the task to an experienced translator. Professional translators specialised in specific fields can produce texts that are suitable for the purpose of the press release, thus effectively reaching the target audience.

Translating press releases into French

Although not as widely spoken as English, French is still a global language. Translating press releases into French is especially useful for businesses that operate or want to establish themselves in the fashion, cosmetics, or wine-making industry.

These business sectors use highly specialised language and terminology that is often only understood by industry insiders. Often, French press release translations contain specialised terms.

In these instances, the use of a glossary, often provided by the customer, can make all the difference between a mediocre translation and a successful one.  Using specialised terms correctly gives companies more international prestige, resulting in excellent commercial returns.

Translating English press releases into: whom to contact?

Press releases published by international agencies in English must be skilfully translated before they are reported by the press in other languages.

This is why it is essential to entrust the translation of press releases to professionals who can translate materials written by international press agencies with the right level of skill.

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