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The best tools to inspect online texts

Online proofreaders are an extremely practical solution for proofreading texts of different lengths. We are talking about special software that can scan texts for grammatical and syntactic errors and provide the correct alternative.

Online proofreading tools

There are several web-based text proofreading programmes out there, and they all boast different features. At EuroTrad, we’ve ranked the best free online proofreading applications.


This free spell-checker can spot typos and provide a short list of correct terms to choose from. It can be used an unlimited number of times to analyse texts of any kind. The only downside: it cannot detect punctuation errors.

Language Tool

This programme corrects texts in real-time and, like the above app, provides lexical and grammatical alternatives when errors are detected. The tool also allows you to create a customised glossary by adding missing terms. Once approved by the platform creators, these new terms are integrated into the database. This tool can also be added free of charge as an extension to your search engine.


Unlike the tools described above, Hunspell is a software programme that you download onto your computer. It can also be used when you’re not connected to the Internet. This is one of the best programmes for proofreading digital texts and it can also correct texts written in programming languages.

Spell Checker

This online tool, which has fairly basic features and graphics, can correct typos in 18 languages. It is a good way to fix typos, but it cannot detect punctuation errors, except for a missing capital letter after a full stop.

When automated tools won’t cut it

Although they can detect the most obvious errors by performing what is technically called proofreading, online proofreading tools tend to have limitations, especially when proofreading texts in several languages.

The quality level of the proofreading services offered by these automated applications is not always high enough to make sure texts are 100% correct.  In such cases, we recommend relying on a professional proofreading service, such as the one provided by EuroTrad, which offers timely proofreading services for all types of texts.

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October 14, 2021

Redazione Eurotrad

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