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Translations for the entertainment and communications sector

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There are several reasons why entertainment industry translations can come in handy for industries and professionals. The entertainment industry is international by nature and often distributes content in countries where different languages are spoken.If your company specialises in the entertainment industry and does international business, this blog post may help you learn more about common translation requirements.

What counts as an entertainment industry translation?

Entertainment industry translations are a type of specialised translation that involves translating various types of content from one language to another, including videos, teleprompters, and other types of texts used by entertainment companies.

What’s involved in the process?

To ensure entertainment content can be effectively conveyed in a target language, you need to rely on a native speaker with the appropriate expertise.  Native speakers have an in depth understanding of the target culture and country.
This is the only way to accurately convey  the intent of the source text and arouse the same feelings in international audiences.
Language professionals also need to be aware of the sector’s communication rules. Adapting dialogue spoken in a comedy play requires a very different set of skills than translating the trailer of a fantasy video game, for example.

Examples of entertainment industry translations

Translations for the entertainment and communications industry span several different domains. Think, for example of subtitle translations, which are increasingly required by online platforms for the consumption of multimedia content. And what about video translations for TV adverts, social media, and so on?
Meanwhile, script translations and dialogue adaptations are often required in the film industry. Here, translations must maintain the same tone and communicative effectiveness as the original content. The same applies to character dialogue in films, TV series, and video games, but with an added complexity: translated lines must appear on screen for the same amount of time the actor takes to say the original line, in order to perfectly match the movements of the characters on screen.
In addition to translations for the entertainment sector, advertising and marketing translations are often also required. This includes the translation of trailers, posters, and the titles of entertainment content. This is where the concept of transcreation comes into play.

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