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Case study: Vinatis

Vinatis: e-commerce localization and translation

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The challenge

Vinatis is a trailblazer startup in the online wine sales market, boasting an e-commerce site with excellent experiential appeal. Its primary goal was to extend its product offerings to new European markets.

Initially, the project aimed to translate product descriptions on the website from French to Italian. However, due to the significant increase in e-commerce sales, the client opted to expand its product offerings by translating its product information, descriptions, and reviews into additional European languages such as English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Finnish. As such, the French company sought out a partner capable of overseeing the entire project, including crafting compelling and persuasive copy in each destination country’s native languagethat would resonate with its consumers.

The solutions

Throughout the project, Eurotrad diligently supported Vinatis, meticulously analysing the context to ensure its expectations were met. Together, they established a glossary that complied with the respective destination countries’ regulations and uploaded it to a CAT Tool to streamline the workflow of the various translators involved in the project. This approach enabled the client company to receive timely deliveries while enjoying significant cost savings. For each destination country – including Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Finland a specialised native translator with expertise in the sector was selected to craft compelling and SEO-optimised copy that would drive e-commerce traffic and enhance visibility. Additionally, various translation tests were carried out to allow the client to choose the writing style that best aligned with its brand identity. The project was then reviewed and revised by the assigned Project Manager before delivering it to the client within the expected timeframe, ultimately exceeding expectations.

The results

Through translation, localisation, and proofreading services, the company’s full selection of French wines is now available to consumers throughout Europe. As a result, the company has accomplished the following objectives:

  • high-quality content in various language combinations, even more unconventional ones such as Finnish;
  • improved visibility and an increase in e-commerce traffic;
  • customer loyalty and repeat purchases
  • a remarkable surge in wine sales to each destination country.

With Eurotrad's translations, we have been able to increase our sales in foreign markets such as Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Finland.

Rémy Bouhricha | Manager Service International



  • New language combinations from French
  • Localized texts that comply with regulations
  • SEO-focused contents


  • Increased traffic to online shop
  • Greater returns on purchases
  • Increased sales

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